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Gifts in kind (GIK) is a kind of charitable giving in which, instead of giving money to buy needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given. GIK has several advantages over monetary giving:

  • Donated goods are much less susceptible to becoming graft.

  • The goods themselves would often end up as landfill. GIK provides a means, particularly for corporations, of doing social good with things that would otherwise be a liability.

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ActionAid Recycling - A recycling scheme for printer cartridges and mobile phones, to reduce waste and reduce poverty. Information about the project and how to participate.
Meta Description: [ Ink & Toner cartridge & mobile phone recycling for charity. ActionAid recycling recycle printer cartridges, PDAs & mobile phones in the UK. ]

American Cellular Donation Organization - Provides information for people who would like to utilize cell phone donations as fundraisers, or people who would like to donate their old cell phones to charity.

Annual Blanket Drive - Benefits a battered women's shelter in New Britain Connecticut.

ARC Thrift Stores - A Colorado-based thrift store that will pick up from individuals to benefit people with developmental disabilities.
Meta Description: [ Shopping With A Purpose... Everyday. Help the developmentally disabled by donating your used goods or shopping at ARC Thrift Stores! ]

500 BWorks - A St. Louis-based non-profit organization that seeks in-kind donations of bicycles and computers.
Meta Description: [ BicycleWORKS is a non-profit organization dedicated to kids and adults cycling, computing, and working toward brighter futures. ]

Career Gear - National nonprofit organization offering interview clothing and job counseling to men in need.
Meta Description: [ Career Gear is a non-profit organization founded in New York City in 1998. Our mission is to help low-income men find and keep jobs that will support them and their families, increase their self-esteem, and lead to a more just and equitable community. We help jobless men by providing the followi... ]

Computers for Schools - Nationwide, not-for-profit organization, accepting and refurbishing donated computer equipment, and placing it into schools.

Excess Access - An on-line system that matches business and household items with nearby nonprofits and recyclers.
Meta Description: [ donation, in-kind, furniture, biodiesel, restaurant grease, Avoid storage, It's Easy Being Green, Jennifer Pratt, Lisa Gautier, book, eco-tips, tips, guide book, removal and disposal fees. Write-off your non-cash donations. Supply nonprofit organizations that are near you and willing to pick up a... ]

Free Computers - A list of links to groups involved in recycling computer equipment and making it available to others.
Meta Description: [ free computers ]

404 Geeks Into The Streets - Group providing surplus computers and free software to people who can use them, formed by Linux group at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Media coverage, projects, wish list, email listserv.

Gifts for Sight - Accepts donations of items including cars, furniture, computers, appliances, electronics, with free nationwide pick-up. Donations are tax deductible and benefit the Center for Keratoconus.
Meta Description: [ donate to charity program that benefits the legally blind and visually impaired. ]

Gifts In Kind International - Charity in product philanthropy helps companies donate products efficiently and effectively to charities around the world.
Meta Description: [ Gifts In Kind International partners with business and nonprofits to provide products and services to communities around the world. ]

Goodwill Gallery - UK directory of donated goods and services offered to charities from professionals and the public.
Meta Description: [ Goodwill Gallery - Comprehensive donation directory. Extensive database of FREE Goods and Services offered to charities from professionals and the public within any region or city of the UK

I Love Schools, Inc. - Charitable group connecting private donors to less-privileged US schools and teachers to help provide supplies not publicly funded. Sponsorship, direct donation, wish list.

Inkindex - An online resource to facilitate donations from corporations to non-profits.
Meta Description: [ An online resource to facilitate in-kind donation from corporations to nonprofits. Inkindex focuses on quick and equitable placement with maximum tax and PR benefits to donors. ]

KindMark - Builds intranet/Internet tools and transaction infrastructure for philanthropy.
Meta Description: [ Kintera®, Inc. (NASDAQ: KNTA) provides an online solution to help nonprofit organizations deliver The Giving Experience to donors. Kintera Sphere software as a service technology platform enables organizations to quickly and easily reach more people, raise more money and run more efficiently. ]

Precious Paws Inc. - A benefit for humane societies and breast cancer research through t-shirt, towel, golf towel and infant wear products from a breast cancer survivor.
Meta Description: [ Precious Paws, a benefit for humane societies and breast cancer research through t-shirt, towel, golf towel and infant wear products, from a breast cancer survivor in Northampton MA. ]

The National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources - Collects new supplies and equipment from corporations for redistribution to non-profits.

ThinkPads For Health in DR Congo - Accepts donations of used ThinkPad to improve public health care management in DR Congo, Africa.
Meta Description: [ international dating thinkpads for laptop notebook computer cheap battery sale ] - An online network where businesses, nonprofits and the general public exchange surplus goods.
Meta Description: [ Throwplace - Online global marketplace where business, nonprofits and the general public join together to promote the responsible environmental practices of reuse, recycling and refurbishing through the donation of surplus goods. ]

Toys of Hope - A NY area children's charity that accepts and delivers toys to needy children.
Meta Description: [ A NY area chidren's charity benefiting that donates 100% to the people. ]

404 Trade Education Institute - Non-profit offering free help and training to other non-profits to increase and manage their gifts in kind donations.

Worldwide Inventory Network - Not-for-profit corporation that receives donations of excess inventory from corporations and distributes it to other not-for-profit organizations.

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